Fabergé: Geschenke der Zarenfamilie

MILLER, Markus et al
Petersberg: 2016

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Fabergé: Gifts from the Royal Family. An exhibition catalogue of the gifts of Fabergé’s work received by the two princesses of the Darmstadt-Hessen family, connected to the Tsar’s family, who then sent them as presents to their siblings in Britain and Germany between 1884 and 1917.



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Fabergé: Geschenke der Zarenfamilie
An exhibition of the work of Peter Carl Fabergé (1846-1920)

Condition: Near Fine.

Book Publishing Details
Author:Marcus Miller et al
Full title:Fabergé: Geschenke der Zarenfamilie
Publisher:Michael Imhof Verlag, Petersberg
Year Printed:2016
Edition:First Edition
ISBN 10:3731904063
ISBN 13:9783731904069
Category:Antiques & Collectables
Size:300mm Tall, 4to
Stock Code:7978
Keywords:House of Hesse, art objects of Russia, Carl Faberge,

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