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L’Humanité Féminine 1906-1907


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Editor: Vignola, Amédée.  Published by Librairie documentaire, Paris, 1907


Bound volume of 22 issues of L’Humanité Féminine, from Femme D’Italie 22 December 1906 to Femmes D’Afrique 3rd Series 2 March 1907. Pictures of naked women from the various races around the world, essentially Edwardian soft porn – includes the photograph of two naked Tuareg girls that inspired Henri Matisse to sculpt the “Two Women” in bronze 1908. So its art after all.
Condition: Good. In good condition except for a purple mark on back cover and damage to top front corner of cover and some text page and also damage to base of spine. Bizarre as it may sound we suspect this damage was caused by a member of the parrot family as we have previous experience of such damage.
Book Publishing Details
Author:Vignola, Amédée (Editor)
Full title:L’Humanité Féminine 1906-1907
Publisher:Librairie documentaire
Year Printed:1907
Edition:First Edition
CategoryArt & Design
Size:275mm Tall, 4to
Book ID:7367


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